My dear bankers and friends, my name is Naveen Fernandes and I am a banker by profession.  I wish to share my experience with SportsTech and its products, as they are the best and reliable fitness brand, and also offers a discount fo 40% through SportTech Gutschein Code.

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I am 50 years old and have been in the banking for almost 26 years.  Having spend more than half of my life with the banking industry, sometimes I am getting bored of the same regular routine, but this is how, we all get engage in our life.   Meeting with customers and having work on laptops made me a little lazy as half of my day is sitting on my seat. As everybody knows, that there is time for the morning, but there is no time for leave, as late sitting is now a trend in all banking industry.  I get back to home at 09:00 in the evening and there is no time left for me to spend with my family or to have sometime for myself.  On the weekends, I spent all my day in the bed and rested the entire Sunday which makes my wife and son unhappy, as I do not have the strength to take them out for some dine out or movie.   The hectic professional routine has also put me into stress and I always have a back hick problem and I always wear a belt while driving and sitting at the office.

One fine day, my wife has advised me to consult to a doctor for the back hick or at least start some exercise or jogging in the morning and evening, which could ease my back problem and I can start enjoying my Sundays with the family.  It was a difficult task for me, as I never go to doctors, and all the sports and physical activities are almost none.  I asked her to get some indoor fitness machine, which might keeps me fit and help me in spending good quality with the family.    

My wife is a net friendly and always have something from the online shoppers.  She has suggested me some fitness machines, but I have asked her to suggest me some best and problem resolver machines.   The same night, she came back to me with the idea of SportsTech, which is the leading and top ranked fitness equipments provider and also offers a discount of 40% using SportTech Gutschein Code by visiting their website :         

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She has suggested me to have SportsTech Home Rowing Machine and SportsTech TreadMill, which is easy to perform and everybody in the family can have the luxury of using the machines as per their wish.  She also informed that SportsTech also offers their experts to visit the home and advise their customers the best way to use the machines. This was a long time investment, and it could be useful to my son as well.  It sounds attractive and I have asked her to place an order with the SportsTech with all the discounts.

The machines were delivered within a week with a detailed guideline booklet along with a request form for their Trainer or Customer Service Officer to vist the home.   Sportstech expert visit our home next Sunday and briefed us about the usage and advise me some easy and special steps to avoid my back problem.  He also assures that regular fitness will remove my back problem and keep me fit in my office and home and I would definitely need no belt to use while driving and sitting at office.

It was an excellent experience of using the fitness machines of  SportsTech  which have ended my laziness and back problem with three months and I can spend my quality Sunday time with my family, which makes them happy and makes me satisfied.